Warranty and Claims


1.1.1. HEPL is committed to provide optimal level of quality and customer satisfaction. A key aspect of this commitment is extending guarantee

and warranty to the buyers of HEPL products (brands):-

a. Guarantee. Formal assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that the products will be of a specified quality and that the

customer can trust HEPL brand.

b. Warranty. Formal assurance that promises good condition of the product and states that HEPL is responsible to repair or replace a

component, if necessary, within a specified period after its purchase.

1.2. Specimen of Warranty Card for Split Air-Conditioner.

1.2.1. This is your “Product Warranty” from Humak Engineering (Pvt) Ltd (HEPL or Company).

1.2.2. Warranty is extended only to those customers who have purchased the product from Company's authorized dealers.

1.2.3. Customer is responsible to acquire and fill-out complete warranty card with Dealer's signature and stamp.

1.2.4. Visit charges shall be applicable for any service after 3 months from the date of purchase.

1.3. Three (3) Years Compressor and Two (2) Year Parts & Services Warranty.

1.3.1. Customer should ensure that installation of this Split this Air-Conditioner (AC) is done by a professional technician.

1.3.2. During installation process, please ensure that on the edge of the inner and outer connecting copper pipe, 45 degree angle flare has been

established and a joint made through the flair nut. Also ensure that while bending the connecting copper pipe, it is not crushed and

damaged. Company will not be responsible for problems arising due to non-observance of these precautions. In that case, contact your

installer for any post installation complaint.

1.3.3. Company is liable to replace technically operational parts, including compressor, only once during the specified warranty period.

1.3.4. Collective service warranty of gas leakage from brazing point and other electrical parts is one year.

1.3.5. Plastic, glass, color, rubber, and metal parts are not included in the warranty.

1.3.6. If compressor is replaced, gas charging and maintenance expense will be borne by the customer.

1.3.7. Washing service is not included in the warranty.

1.3.8. Warranty is not applicable on any part damaged by accident, fire, or mishandling due to carelessness.

1.3.9. Cost of parts and maintenance charges after warranty period will be borne by the customer.

1.3.10. Customer is responsible for transportation of faulty AC to and from the Company's Service Center. However, Company can provide

transportation on payment.

1.3.11. Photocopy of warranty card needs to be deposited at the Service Center for all warranty claims. Original warranty shall be shown along

with copy of authentication.

1.4. Warranty Will Be Considered Invalid.

1.4.1. If any customer or Dealer tampers (alters) terms & conditions and filled portion of warranty card after it has been filled and stamped.

1.4.2. If the AC is given to an unauthorized service center and/or handled/ repaired/tampered by the customer him/herself.

1.4.3. If any defect(s) occur due to improper/poor power supply, voltage fluctuation or use of substandard wiring. It is obligation of the

customer/buyer to supply proper power voltage (220-240 volts).

1.4.4. If the product is tampered with or altered in any way or has been subject to misuse, negligence or accident or its serial number has been

altered, disfigured or removed.

1.5. Company Shall Not Be Responsible.

1.5.1. For non-provision or delay in warranty service to the customer, if caused by unavoidable circumstances or an emergency situation.

1.5.2. For any loss or damage occurred arising out of use/operation of this product.

1.6. Application of Pakistani Law.

This warranty and use of this product will be governed by Pakistani law. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this warranty

or the use of the product may only be brought in a court of competent